Friday, September 26, 2014

Chocolate.  She never said it but I think chocolate may have been as big a love for Mama as her love for God.  Maybe even bigger.  I found something last night at the grocery that I had to buy.  Sure she would have loved it but I am her daughter and addicted to chocolate, too.  Chocolate with icing? Definitely.  Over 50+chocolate+icing+fiber=just short of heaven!
In strolling down the cereal aisle and looking for something with fiber that doesn't look like it should be fed to cows (maybe there's a link there??), Weight Watchers has launched into the cereal market.  Peaking out from behind some impulse marketing thing dangling from the shelf was....TA-DA! CHOCOLATE shredded wheat with frosting. I nearly passed out: God had indeed heard my cry for something sweet! Paired with my favorite coffee (Dunkin Donuts brand) this morning, I was utterly delighted.  Thank you, God, for the very best: CHOCOLATE fiber.'s not just for breakfast anymore!